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Travel Information

Q. When travelling between North and South Island is it necessary to book the ferry service? >>

Yes.  There are three ferries that travel between the islands all with similar pricing.  Ideally book your ticket as much in advance as possible to ensure you obtain the date that you wish to travel between the islands on. Our tickets are fully transferable at no extra charge subject to availability.

If you do intend to start your New Zealand travels in one island and end them in the other island, we recommending hiring one campervan for the whole trip and taking it across on the ferry. The price is very reasonable and the benefits are many.


Why take the Ferry?

  • Enjoy the natural beauty - Take an adventure on the amazing waterways of the Marlborough Sounds and the surrounding areas which have views that are not accessible by land.
  • Travel in comfort and style -   Each vessel has modern technology, comfortable lounges, food areas & observatory decks to ensure a pleasant & most enjoyable journey.
  • Save on domestic flights -  The cost of domestic flights as apposed to travelling on the ferry can be quite surprising.
  • Unpack once and relax - There's no need to pack and unpack when you take the ferry and your vehicle with you.
  • Continue your journey - Have the opportunity to keep travelling in the direction you want to without needing transfers, queuing and checking-in at the airport.


Choice of Vessel

The Interislander offers daily ferry services across Cook Strait, linking New Zealands North and South Islands. Cruise across on Arahura, Aratere or the Kaitaki in 3 hours. The choice of vessel is yours. All vessels carry passengers and vehicles. The travel cost is the same for all the ships.


Wellington and Picton Terminals

The Interislander vessels travel between Wellington and Picton. Both ferry terminals are centrally located and have great facilities.


Making it Simple

At Motorhome Holidays we want to make it simple for you to complete your holiday arrangements. We can make your ferry reservation for you, even if you do not have a motorhome booked with us, and remember our ferry tickets are “Easy Change”, meaning they can be changed to a different date or time (subject to availability) at no extra cost.


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