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Lucky Ranger 2 berth

Lucky Ranger 2 berth

2/3 Berth With Shower/Toilet | Petrol or Diesel | Automatic | 3 Seatbelts

The Lucky Ranger is NZ’s smallest camper with a toilet and shower! This purpose designed vehicle has three seats belts in the driver's cab and is one of the best options for budget travellers wanting to explore New Zealand with the option of being able to camp anywhere with full onboard facilities for two people (or two adults and one child). The Lucky Ranger offers the budget minded traveller a great way to see New Zealand. Model age 2000-2005 years of age (new camper fit out 2007). This vehicle is certified self contained. This vehicle can be used to Freedom Camp.A child seat can be fitted into this vehicle. (Middle seat is Lap belt only - comes across the lap).

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Tulip 2 Berth HiTop Deluxe

Tulip 2 Berth HiTop Deluxe

2/3 Berth No Shower/Toilet | Petrol or Diesel | Manual | 3 Seatbelts

This camper can accommodate 2 adults and is equipped with all the necessities including a porta potti, GPS and picnic table and chairs

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